• Gang Resistance Education And Training Programme.
Tackle Life
  • Diversionary Activities.
Strike 4 Life
  • Personal Development Programme.
Get Off The Ropes
  • Boxing Programme.
  • Realise, Educate, Achieve, Choice, Help Programme.
Kick Start
  • Football Academy.
  • Youth Advisory Panels Programme.
  • WYA Premier Football League.

In addition to the delivery of these programmes WYA is continually engaged in matters that concern young people and the regeneration of deprived communities both locally and nationally.

The organisation on many occasions has provided guidance to Local and National Government as well as both the Public and Private Sector in discussing a wide range of issues from exploring the reasons for the under achievement of Black Minority Ethnic Communities to the current phenomenon of Islamophobia and the radicalisation of Muslim Youth.

WYA is currently in the process of setting up an interactive website where discussion forums on matters concerning young people and communities will be developed as well as provide information on the work that we do as well as our partners.

From being just a small voluntary group it has taken major strides of being recognised as a key agency with expertise in working with young people.

"I never knew that the area that I lived in was a so called "NO GO AREA", I now understand why this was the case after completing this programme."

Whitefield Youth Association Team

Whitefield Youth Association Team