G.R.E.A.T. Programme

The Gang Resistance Education And Training Programme is an innovative and unique ten week programme working with young people to highlight and address the issues of youth involvement in gangs.

The programme makes the young people aware of what type of future they may be facing if they continue to be engaged in activity that leads them creating and getting into trouble. This is achieved through the use of a variety of delivery methods to stimulate and encourage the young people to engage and self reflect on their behaviour.

The programme consists of ten sessions that are delivered over a ten week period.

The programme content is as follows:

Session 1
  • Introduction to the G.R.E.A.T. Programme.
Session 2
  • Identity - Who am I? Who are they?
Session 3
  • Cultural Diversity.
  • Prejudice accepting differences.
Session 4
  • Consequence of Actions, impact of crime - victims & criminals.
Session 5
  • Responsibilities of individuals within a Community.
Session 6
  • Gangs & Drugs - Impact on neighbourhoods.
Session 7
  • Goals & Aspirations.

Session 8
  • Conflict Resolution, addressing problems to find solutions.
Session 9
  • Reality Check, self reflection.

Session 10
  • Evaluation.

There is a monthly review held with the young people for up to 6 months to ensure that they remain on track and are no longer engaged in behaviour that could lead them in to trouble.


"I thought that the way me and my friends behaved was quite normal, I never realised what consequences I could face from my actions."

"I never knew that the area that I lived in was a so called "NO GO AREA", I now understand why this was the case after completing this programme."

"You can achieve anything you put your mind to, this programme has shown me this, I intend to take the lessons that I have learnt from this programme to better myself."

"Projects like this, gives me something to look forward to."

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