Through the funding secured through The Henry Smith Charitable Trust Whitefield Youth Association have been able to:

  • Provide their service provision to 75 young people from June 2007 - March 2008.
  • 62 of these beneficiaries were Male and 13 were Female.
  • 43 were from Black Minority Ethnic background and 32 were from White Indigenous background.
  • 60% of these young people continued to engage with WYA for up to 6 months upon programme completion on a regular basis.

This year Whitefield Youth Association proposes to provide their service provision to 100 young people.

Future Developments

WYA has an ethos of always striving for improvement and new ways of working. Alongside key partners WYA is exploring new innovative engagement programmes as well as enhancing current service provision.

There are challenging times ahead for Whitefield Youth Association due to funding becoming scarcer as well as a saturation of services which lack focus which in turn has an impact of the quality of service provided to young people.

By March 2009 Whitefield Youth Association propose to have in place:

  • An interactive website that provides information with regards to Whitefield Youth Association services and relevant information about partner agencies operating within the Local Communities as well as related youth matters.
  • A Community Fitness Facility, (phase 1) in the heart of Whitefield that will provide well being initiatives in one of the most disadvantaged, deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. This will be based on a Social Enterprise Model so it can be self sustainable within an agreed time frame, this is dependent upon Building Regulations being approved.
  • A dedicated, committed Volunteer base that will assist in WYA operational activities.

Whitefield Youth Association has a clear vision where it would like to be and invites you to join it on this journey that will be radical and revolutionary in tackling issues affecting young people and communities that belong to some of the most deprived areas of the UK.

Our Partners

The Henry Smith Charitable Trust

Department For Communities & Local Government

Lancashire Constabulary


Lancashire Youth Association

Burnley Borough Council

Pendle Borough Council

"You can achieve anything you put your mind to, this programme has shown me this."

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